Experience matters! 

Your home is likely your biggest asset.  If you needed a surgery, would you allow a resident to perform the surgery or would the better choice be the Chief of Surgery?   With over 50+ years of combined experience selling real estate and over $400 million in personal sales in Santa Clara County, along with our office ownership for over 11 years managing the successful closing of over 3,600 transactions, we are the Chief of Real Estate.  Our expertise is even greater in the Silver Creek Valley area given our integral roles in the original sales and marketing efforts of Silver Creek Valley Country Club and our long-term residency here. 

Integrity matters!

Successful realtors are naturally independent and self-motivated.  It takes a realtor with a very strong internal compass and complete commitment to integrity to always put a client’s interest before their own.  Additionally, there are not a lot of controls and boundaries to make sure everyone "plays by the rules".  The Kliewer Team prides itself in its exceptional reputation to doing the right thing for every person we have had the opportunity to work with over the years.  Doing the right thing is not always comfortable, and at times can be downright painful, but we are committed to maintaing our impeccable reputation. 

Not all realtors have created a history of the highest degree of integrity like we have.  Before you chose a realtor, ask around.  Talk to people who have been involved in transactions with that agent and see what they witnessed or experienced.  Another good source to help determine a realtor's level of professionalism is the California Department of Real Estate website.