Silver Oak Elementary

Located at the corner of Farnsworth Drive & San Felipe Road.  Silver Creek residents can access without leaving the community gates through the back entrance on Trowbridge.   Built in 1994 as the Silver Creek Valley Country Club community was being developed.

Current boundaries allow children from SCVCC, Meadowlands and California Oak Creek to attend.  Children who reside within SCVCC are given priority attendance as the school was built with funds from a MelloRoos district.  However, that priority will not always be granted until the beginning of a new school year.  If the child is enrolling mid-year and the grade is full, that child may need to attend another school until the beginning of the new school year.   (The obligations on the MelloRoos are scheduled to be complete in the 2015-2016 tax year.)   

Kindergarten through 6th grade with student body of approximately 800 students and 31 teachers (as of the 2011-2013 school year).  K-3 maintains a student-teacher ratio of X:1, while 4-6 typically has a ratio of X:1.  (How fund if that's not a state mandate now?)

Recognized as a California Distinguised School in 2012 for the fourth time.

2011 API score of 974

Great parent involvement through the PSO, which expands the education experience past core academics with a wide variety of extra-curricular programs including . . .






7th & 8th grade students attend this middle school located on Cortona Drive where it ends at against the foothills at Altia Avenue.  Number of students. . .

Built in 199X, Chaboya has a reputation for excellent academics as well as winning sports teas and a variety of extra curricular activities.

Boundaries. . .

Chaboya has been recognized as a California Distrnguished School four times, most recently in 20XX.

The 2011 API score was 944, (how does that rate?).

PTSA. . .

The experience at Chaboya has proven itself as an outstanding platform for kids entering the private high schools in 9th grade.



Silver Creek High

List most commonly attended private high schools.  Provide link to list of all private schools.  Mention carpools.



This information is deemed reliable as of February 2013.  Parties are strongly encouraged to conduct their own research relatign to schools or anything else important in a purchase decisoin.